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  • The new Sant Joan de Reus University Hospital opened its doors in September 2010. At more than 1,000,000 square feet, this facility was conceived as a benchmark for excellence in healthcare and has 310 hospital beds, 150 residential care beds, 60 emergency pits and 36 day-hospital slots.

    The surgical block consists of 10 operating rooms plus one for emergencies and another for gynecology and obstetrics. The hospital is laid out horizontally and is easily accessible and easy to navigate once inside. For instance, the outpatient clinics and the rehabilitation and emergency services are right by the entrance.

    The new hospital is the leading medical oncology and radiation therapy center in the province of Tarragona and a leader in surgery for morbid obesity and familial dyslipidemias. The oncology section has a PET scanner, a diagnostic device that detects cancerous alterations that cannot be viewed through more conventional imaging technologies.

    The hospital is part of the SAGESSA Group, ea public institution with 3,000 professionals who have been serving the public health, social and educational needs of southern Catalonia since 1989.

    Reus is also home to the Pere Mata Group, an operator of comprehensive personal care services that manages a range of facilities and public health and social care services through 1,600 healthcare and social service professionals.

    The Pere Virgili Health Research Institute is responsible for managing health and biomedical research in order to achieve synergies, promote collaboration and foster an attitude of quality research.

  • Hospital de Reus.

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